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Principal Steve Gromala – Holy Family Catholic School

September 27, 2018

Dear HFS Families and Friends,

Another week is in the books and we also close out the month of September.  It seems hard to believe that we have been in school for a whole month.  Time is sure flying by.  This week I have just a few exciting things to share.

  1. We are finalizing supports for students requiring Teacher Service Plans (TSPs) and GRACE Student Service Plans (GSSPs).  Letters to parents will be sent on Friday.
  2. Our Student Intervention Team meets again on Tuesday.  At this meeting we plan to focus our attention on our higher level learners and look for ways to support them.  We are also participating in a book study reading the book, Simplifying RtI.
  3. Please be sure read the GRACE newsletter included in your Purple Thursday Folder.  There are lots of good news inside.
  4. The S.A.C. has an excellent and exciting fundraiser coming at the end of October at the Green Bay Distillery.  Please consider attending.  More information has been included in my weekly newsletter.
  5. Speaking of the weekly newsletter, I have changed the name to the Comet Communique.  Don’t be alarmed.  It’s the same good news from school, but with a new banner and name.
  6. This week I met with O’Connor Creative to begin drafting our Marketing Plan for the school year.  I hope to have this completed by next week so I can share it with all parents.
  7. I am excited to announce that our Faith Leader, Mrs. Kekula, and I are going to be working with the staff to have a huge kick off for the month of the Holy Rosary, which is this October.  More details to come.  We want parents to be able to partake.

As always, thank you for sharing your student with us at Holy Family.  I love every one of them.




September 20, 2018

Dear HFS Families and Friends,

I simply cannot believe that it’s already Thursday.  The month of September has nearly passed us by and we are well into the start of the school year.  Last week in my ‘Blog’ post I was talking some about my dreams for Holy Family.  I was talking with a parent about my dreams and this person thought I should share why hopes and dreams with you.  So, with that, here goes…

DREAM #1 – EVERY child is guaranteed a GREAT Catholic education.  Wouldn’t it be neat to someday offer a 100% money-back guarantee?  My staff already embraces my ‘All Means All’ philosophy and we are working hard to ensure all of our kids get a fair shake at school.

DREAM #2 – Build enrollment!  Holy Family has so much potential for growth.  Next week I begin working on a marketing plan that will help ensure a strong enrollment for next year.

DREAM #3 – We need some color on our walls.  The structural bones of HFS are strong, but the walls are boring.  Please don’t take offense, but we desperately need to work with a professional to pick out some awesome color schemes that compliments the strong presence of Jesus in our school building and the great personalities of our students and staff members.  Do you know of someone who is a professional and could lend us their services free of charge?

DREAM #4 – Expanded Course Selections.  I have a dream for expansion in the area of computer literacy, STEM, and religious education. We live in a digital age and I want our kids to be leaps and bounds ahead of their peers in the area of technology.  I envision having every primary and intermediate student receive computer literacy instruction at least once per week and our middle school students at least every other day in the future.  This person would also serve as a digital integration specialist coaching other teachers.  I also would love to expand religion to have a dedicated religion teacher for all grades.  Not only would this ensure a consistent message regarding our Catholic faith, but also allow our great homeroom teachers additional time to collaborate with other homeroom teachers.

I have many dreams, but these are just a few for now.  I will share others in the future.  I invite you to dream with me and let’s make Holy Family School the pride of Green Bay’s west side.

Your Partner in a Christ-Centered Education,

Steve Gromala, Principal


September 13, 2018

Dear HFS Families and Friends,

What an AMAZING start to the 2018-2019 school year.  I can’t say enough about the students and staff…and the parents too :).  It has truly been wonderful to get to know everyone.  Everyone has been so supportive and welcoming.

This week in my ‘Blog’ I want to focus some on dreams.  I’m not sure about you, but I LOVE a good dream.  Some people say that dreaming causes a lack of quality sleep, but for me, I always feel better rested when I dream.  In one of my recent dreams I was dreaming some about our school.  Some might say…”Why can’t he have more exciting dreams than that?”, but for me, this was a COOL dream.  I guess I have been thinking a lot about the future of Holy Family School since I arrived and this is why I am dreaming about the school in my sleep.  Like many of you, I have BIG dreams for the school.  There is huge potential for growth here and I truly look forward to working with the S.A.C., other parents and our supporting parishes to make all of our dreams come true.

I am currently in the process of drafting a school Marketing Plan for the 2018-2019 school year.  This will be shared soon with members of the S.A.C. and later shared with all of you.  An important piece to this Marketing Plan will be a survey given to staff, students, parents and key stakeholders.  The survey will ask you to address things you feel we can and should celebrate, things you feel we can improve upon, and your vision for HFS moving forward.  The data from these surveys will be incredibly valuable to me as I begin my first year.

With that, THANK YOU for a great start to the school year.  We are blessed to call each other family…a Holy Family of our own kind.  Let’s all be ‘Comets for Christ’ today.

Your Partner in a Christ-Centered Education,

Steve Gromala, Principal


August 30, 2018

Dear HFS Families and Friends,

All I can say is WOW.  What an amazing first day of school.  I am totally in love with my staff and my wonderful new students.  It is truly a blessing to be on this journey with each of you.  Each week in my Blog I will try to elaborate on some of the happenings here at school.  This is an extension to what I email families each week.  I hope you find this interesting and helpful.  Communication with you is very important to me.

Today we began our first day with the ‘Blessing of the Backpacks’ by Sr. Marla of SEAS.  It was so wonderful of her to do this for our students.  I think it really helped start the day off right.  Also, thanks to HASA for the great parent breakfast this morning.  We also had our first all-school mass this morning.  I have been told that the school has never had mass on the first day.  I am so happy we did because I truly feel it set the perfect tone for the school year.  Fr. Patrick’s message to our students was spot on.  We are blessed to have him as a spiritual leader for our school.

This week I would like to draw your attention to our school behavior expectations.  I have linked them below for you.  These are new.  I am told that HFS never had consistent expectations.  With the assistance of this awesome staff, we were able to put common expectations together so both students and staff are on the same page.  The teachers will be teaching the students all of these expectations over the next few days.

HFS Expectations by Environment-2018-2019

I also would like to draw your attention to the updated Student and Parent Handbook, which is saved to this website.  Please pay special attention to the ‘Chain of Communication’ information on pages 3 and 4.  Thank you!

HFS Student and Parent Handbook-2018-2019

Lastly, as a friendly reminder, please remember how important Third Source Funding is to the future health of our school and the entire GRACE system.  If everyone does their part, we will reach our goal of $92,000 and then some.  I have big dreams for our school including advanced technology and computer classes, updated classroom furniture, updated cafeteria tables, and lots of color on the walls.  None of this can happen without the concerted effort of everyone in the HFS family.

Thanks to all those who turned out at Back to School Night on Tuesday.  Despite the storms, we had an amazing turnout.

With that, have a blessed week and make it a great day…the Holy Family way.

Your Partner in a Christ-Centered Education,