Holy Family Reopening Plan

Updated: August 14, 2020

COVID-19 Response Site Plan: Holy Family Catholic School

In addition to the GRACE reopening processes and procedures, Holy Family Catholic School has developed the following site-specific practices to ensure safety of students and staff in their return to in-person instruction.


The Site Planning Team (SPT) was organized by the Principal to establish a framework of practice for Holy Family Catholic School staff and students in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This is based on guidelines provided by GRACE and on the experience of the Site Planning Team (SPT) concerning logistics specific to the Holy Family site. The Plan will serve as a basic structure to be used by our teachers to create more detailed plans unique to their grade level and floor. Physicians and representatives from Prevea Health toured the building, and reviewed and approved all protocols established by the SPT with the Principal.


Masks are required for anyone over the age of 5 as soon as they are on Holy Family property, including but not limited to the parking lot. Masks should be plain or simple in design (i.e. solid colors, simple patterns, no statements).  Students wearing a mask deemed inappropriate will be given a plain mask in the office.  Students and staff are encouraged to launder their masks every night and wear a clean mask to school each day. Masks must be worn at all times while indoors. With teacher approval, students will be allowed to take down/off masks when outdoors and social distance is observed. This can apply to recess and all outdoor activities. Teachers will work to create opportunities for classes to be outside and allow students to take masks breaks while outdoors and socially distanced. 


  Office Procedures
Families will be instructed to call the office when dropping off or picking up a student outside of the typical beginning and end of day procedures.  A staff member will supervise the student walking out of the building to the vehicle. Visitors will be limited, focused on essential needs, and by appointment. Visitors will be temperature checked before being admitted and released into the school. 


  Drop Off / Pick Up Routine
Morning routines will remain the same whether students take the bus or if they are dropped off by parents.  Children will line up in the parking lot behind school when they arrive Each teacher will monitor his/her homeroom at a designated location to ensure safety and social distancing.

  • Alternate plan: children will be allowed to enter the building at 8AM to go directly to their classrooms where they will be supervised by their homeroom teacher. This would be in case of bad weather or other circumstances determined by the school.

Students will be required to practice social distancing as they enter the building and proceed to their classrooms. Traffic patterns will be established for the hallways and common areas. Our day will start with prayer at 8:20AM followed by educational instruction beginning at 8:25AM. 

Dismissal for all grades will begin at 3:20PM. Students will remain in their homeroom until dismissed over the loudspeaker. Dismissal will begin by announcing a bus number, and only students from that bus will be dismissed. This will allow less foot traffic through the halls and encourages social distancing. After each bus has been dismissed, BASIC students will be dismissed, and then car riders and walkers will be dismissed. Homeroom teachers will walk with their car riders to the back parking lot. We encourage you to be patient, and to consider establishing a regular parking spot so your child becomes familiar with your routine.


  Basic Cleaning, Sanitizing, & Distancing
All classrooms will have hand sanitizing stations. Students and teachers are encouraged to wash hands frequently and sanitize hands whenever entering or leaving the classroom. Teachers will take part in additional cleaning of classroom spaces and materials each day. In addition to regular cleaning that would take place after school, cleaning of the cafeteria, bathrooms, and office area will take place during the day. Classrooms will be set up to allow for safe distancing for all. In the event distancing cannot be maintained, other areas and procedures will be used to keep everyone safe.


  Bathroom Breaks
Bathroom breaks will be scheduled for the entire floor to promote safety and social distancing.  Once schedules have been established, signs will be posted to avoid congestion.  No more than three students in the restroom at a time, but emergencies will always take precedence.  
Middle school students will no longer be allowed to use the restroom during their passing time. Middle school teachers will create a restroom plan where each class has designated time during the period to use the restroom. Again, emergencies will always take precedence. Sanitizing will be managed by the maintenance staff.


  Hallway Travel
Travel patterns will be established for hallways and allow for classes to pass while maintaining proper distancing. Teachers will collaborate to decrease the amount of synchronous travel of their classes.


  Symptom Checks & Fever Protocol
Parents are asked to do a fever and symptom check of their student(s) every morning at home before leaving for school. Students will be asked three questions upon arriving at school, if the answer is “yes” to any of these, parents will be contacted to come pick up the child immediately:

  1. Have you been exposed to the virus?
  2. Are you having symptoms?
  3. Is anyone at home sick?

Students who display symptoms related to COVID-19 are asked to stay home. If a teacher suspects a student has symptoms or isn’t feeling well a temperature check will be completed. Teachers will take temperatures as needed.  A temperature of 100.4°F is considered a fever, and parents will be required to come to school promptly to take their child home.  A flow chart with all symptoms related to COVID-19 will be posted in each classroom and shared with parents; additional signage featured around the building will include: Hand Hygiene, Social Distancing, Symptoms, and Disinfecting. 


The cafeteria at Holy Family can safely accommodate all students during three lunch sessions following social distancing. Additional time has been added to all of the lunch periods to allow for safe movement, cleaning up, and for students to not feel rushed to finish lunch. Students will be sitting in assigned seats for PK-2, six feet apart, in a zigzag pattern.  Teachers will work to stagger arrival times as required.  Plexiglass will be installed in the kitchen to allow for safer serving.  Essential volunteers, including those who serve lunch, will be permitted. 


“Keep your space, don’t touch your face”. Masks will be required and social distancing will be encouraged.  Children will be allowed to interact with students from other grades.  Certain equipment, including the Gaga Pit, are off limits.  PK-2 will plan a schedule for the use of the playground structure.  Hand sanitizing breaks may be required. Students will not be allowed to bring items for recess from home (i.e. footballs, basketballs, etc..). Additional equipment for play will be provided and sanitized.


  Room 207 
When circumstances dictate, Room 207 will become an isolation room for students with symptoms related to COVID-19.  Students will remain in this space until they are picked up by a family member from their emergency contact list. The room will remain off-limits until it is disinfected properly.


Mass will still be celebrated on Thursday mornings at St. Agnes. The sanctuary is large enough to allow all of our students to participate in mass and maintain distancing. We are working with the parish to create seating assignments, arrival plans, dismissal plans, and other details related to the celebration of mass. 


  Specials & Changing Classes
The Site Planning Team agreed early in our planning that changing classes, when safe to do so, is important for the mental and physical well being of the students. Therefore, added time for passing periods will allow teachers to move one group at a time through the halls to allow for minimal contact with other groups. This additional time can be used for cleaning rooms and equipment. 

Specials will take place in either the homeroom or in the special classroom, depending on the size of the class and the frequency of use of the specials room.

Middle school students will still change classes. Middle school teachers and students will sanitize spaces as they change, as well as sanitize hands each time they enter and leave a room. To accommodate the movement of students, middle school students will be permitted to carry a backpack to each class. It is suggested that the backpack be wiped down before entering the building and when arriving home. The middle school teachers will develop a dismissal plan to allow for movement of students through the hall, with minimal or no contact with any other classes. Students will adhere to the hallway traffic patterns indicated on the hallway floors.
Band & Music will be focused more on theory early in the year as singing and playing instruments in large groups will not be permitted. Small group and one-on-one instruction will be used when needed.
Physical Education will take place in the gymnasium or outside as weather permits and at the teacher’s discretion. Students will be working through exercises and activities that allow them to maintain their mask and keep socially distant. 
Spanish will take place in the spanish room for middle school students. For PK-5, the homeroom and spanish teacher will work together to decide what location is best for their students.


  Updates & Flexibility
We recognize that the situation, data, and information regarding the pandemic is ever changing. The SPT will continue to monitor these changes and adjust our site plan as needed. These changes will always be based on what is best for our school, guidance from the GRACE office, and the recommendations from the local Health Department. Changes will be communicated to families when appropriate.