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I have been teaching for over 20 years and this is my 9th or 10th year at Holy Cross School and my 6th year at Holy Family School. My main hobbies and interests are jewelry making, reading mysteries and camping. I am always looking for something new to learn in the area of art and ways I can incorporate that into my art curriculum. In my eyes, the students make a school special. I live in Green Bay with my husband and six cats.
Renee Zirbel


Welcome to the Art Room! Scroll down to see class news, what is happening in the art room, assignments, wish list, learning links, grading policy and Pics (click on grade to see pics)



HFS Band and Art Show




Click on the blue link to see pics of their current lesson and past lessons. Our current lesson is listed next to the class link.

4K-wintry wind drawing

Kindergarten-They all saw the cat by Brendan Wenzel

1st Grade- Sea turtle painting and paper mache

2nd Grade-Winter birch trees

3rd Grade-paper mache Mexican sun bowls

4th Grade- snowflake color wheel

5th Grade-Hamsa Hand


* There are 4 different groups of Middle School art classes. 2 of the classes are a mix of 6th -8th grade students. I have the groups listed by the time I have  them for class, on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


7th Grade (A)   9:45-10:30 a.m.-alcohol inks

YouTube playlist

6-8th grade mix (B)  10:30-11:15 a.m.-Positive/negative zentangle design


                     6-8th grade mix (C)  11:15-12 noon- Illuminated Manuscript

8th Grade (D)   1:45-2:36 p.m.- (1)colored pencil gem or crystal colored pencil drawing & (2) fused glass jewelry

gem drawing/painting playlist 

gem tangle book

coloring class-faceted gems

glass fusing tutorial





Individual exploration on subjects being studied and creative use of sketchbooks is always appreciated.

4th through 8th grade is responsible for observational drawings, or specified assignment (plus a few sentences) each week. This should be dated, the page numbered, and listed in the table of contents in their sketchbook. 6-8th grade will also have IB requirements.

IB MYP Visual Arts Student Handbook

Grading Policy

Art Room Grading and Expectations

Workbook/Journal requirements and tips

Rubric: What makes a 4 a 4?0


Wish List

Table top clay slab roller (or donations for one, or if someone knows how to make one…)

clay extruder (or donations for one, or if someone knows how to make one…)

large sheets of canvas

Drying rack

New/used iPad(s)

Beads- basic colors

Yarn –any colors

Paper towel tubes


Acrylic paint –any color

Fabric scraps

Good quality paintbrushes-flats and rounds, sizes 4-12

Canvas boards 6×9” or larger (class of 24)