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¡Hola! Me llamo Sra. Wagner. This is my 2nd year teaching Spanish at Holy Family to Preschool - 8th grade students. My goal as your Spanish teacher is to first get your student interested in learning Spanish. When I was a student, I was interested in culture: the music, colors, decorations, traditions and celebrations. The way I teach is through story telling, songs, hands on activities, and games. Students can become better language learners by having patience with the process of language acquisition. Challenge yourself by listening to Spanish at home (YouTube, television shows, music) and think about your everyday world using Spanish. At the middle school level, my goal is to help prepare your student to enter high school ready for Spanish 2. This will require some effort: regular homework completion, class participation, good study habits, and consistency. ‘‘Communicating in a variety of modes, in more than one language, fosters international mindedness by enabling students to ‘reflect on their own perspective, culture and identities as well as those of others” (International Baccalaureate Organization, 2019).
Julianne Wagner

September Wrap-Up

We are learning so much in Spanish class! Parents, we are using Class Dojo for positive behaviors. Once your student earns 10 points, they can trade those in for a prize. If you would like to have access, please e-mail me.

Kindergarten and 1st Grades started the year by learning how to introduce themselves using Me llamo. They drew a picture of themselves and two things they like. When finished, they took turns sharing with the rest of class, preparing for a successful future in public speaking. They’ve also learned how to properly greet others, based on the time of day using: Buenos días, Buenas tardes and Buenas noches. We have practiced the Sign of the Cross in Spanish, too.  In October, we’ll start to learn about our countries of study this year. Kinder will learn about Mexico and 1st Grade will learn about Costa Rica. They will learn how to ask and tell where different things are located on a map. We will describe the country’s flag using colors.

2nd Grade has been working hard with the Our Father prayer in Spanish. We’ve dissected the prayer into parts, what the words mean, and talked about why it is so important to our faith. We’re wrapping up this week, then will move into using numbers 0-31 and the alphabet. By the end of October, they should know how to spell their names in Spanish!

3rd Grade was introduced to Cuba. We’ve been working on reading and pronunciation in Spanish, which isn’t always the most fun thing to practice, but so necessary. This is a great group, so very excited to learn and share! This week we will start to learn the geography of Cuba, where the capital is and how to say all of that in the target language.

4th Grade is studying Spain this year. They’re also a really engaging group to teach with such amazing questions! We did a broad overview of Spanish culture: bullfighting, the largest food fight (La Tomatina), the Euro, castellano language, flamenco, olives, and soccer. This week we will start talking about the other countries and bodies of water surrounding Spain, locating Madrid, how to say ___ is here in the target language, and how to identify the flag and share what we’ve learned so far.

5th Grade is doing an intro to Spanish grammar. They’re such a fun group to work with too. They’re  always great sports about participating in group activities. We’re learning the alphabet, how to spell different words, and asking/telling names in Spanish. Even our heritage Spanish speakers are learning something new this year! We’ll be starting an alphabet project next week and we might even try a spelling bee!

Welcome back!

I’m so excited to get to see how you have grown and changed over the summer! I can’t wait to catch up with you and hear about what you’ve been up to.  We have lots of new students to welcome to our Holy Family as well. Parents, please click here to access my welcome back letter. In it you’ll find:

  • A little about me
  • Expectations, supply lists
  • Learning Topics by grade level
  • Google Classroom Codes, tips and tricks (grades 3-5)