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K-5, Elementary Spanish

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Julianne Wagner


5th Grade is finishing up classes and time. Next week we’ll begin learning classroom objects and commands.

4th Grade has expanded their vocabulary to complete sentences! We now know the pronouns (I, you, he, she, etc.) and the verb “to go”, and include places in Spain.

3rd Grade will be working with numbers 0-30 and learning months and days of the week.

2nd Grade has learned people around the school and we’ll now be talking about places in the school and finding locations.

1st Grade is learning about farm animals.

Kindergarten finished our shapes unit, and will begin learning days of the week and playing with numbers 0 -10.

Week of 12/16/19

5th Grade will be learning Christmas vocabulary, the tradition of Las Posadas, and continuing days, dates, and months. We may watch a short movie in Spanish on Friday, the 20th.

4th Grade Finished quizzes a bit early on Thursday. I began telling them about unique ways Spaniards celebrate Christmas. They learned about Tío Nadal, a Catalán tradition of the “Pooping Christmas Log”. This week we’ll learn more unique ways Spain celebrates Christmas and rings in the new year.

3rd Grade will talk about Christmas in Cuba and learn unique ways to celebrate Christmas when it’s warm outside: misa del gallo (midnight mass) and Noche Buena! We will also touch on Las Posadas.

2nd Grade is continuing to learn about family. We drew pictures of our families at Christmas, and talked about Jesus, María & José. This week we will only have class Tuesday. We will talk about Christmas in Peru.

1st Grade will continue talking about seasons and weather, and will learn about Las Posadas and some Christmas vocabulary.

Kinder We did a color-by-number manger scene, and listened to a short story with family vocabulary, the words “Christmas”, “tree”, and “gift”. This week we will talk about Christmas in Mexico.

Week of 12/9/19

5th Grade has been learning days and numbers 1-31. This week we will learn about months and how to write dates in Spanish.

4th Grade took a trip to Spain with their pasaportes! We learned how to say vital information: our names, birth date, address, phone number, and nationality. Next week we will have an open-note quiz answering the question “Adónde vas? and using our places vocabulary. We will have an open-note quiz this Thursday, the 12th.

3rd Grade has been talking about pastimes. We learned that Cuba loves baseball and soccer, as well as how to say we like or don’t like certain sports. We will have an open-note quiz Wednesday, the 18th answering the question “What are you going to do?” with activity vocabulary.

2nd Grade learned mom, dad, sister, brother, and baby. We will talk about our own families this week and learn extended family vocabulary (grandparents, aunts/uncles, cousins, etc.)

1st Grade is drew weather pictures and played memory match (hace buen tiempo, hace mal tiempo, hace calor, hace frío, hace sol, hace fresco, hace viento, está nublado, está nevando, está lloviendo). This week we’ll learn the seasons (verano, otoño, invierno, primavera) and some colors/words we associate with them.

Week of 11/18/19

5th Grade will be listening to stories in Spanish and will be answering questions about what they understood. Using stories, they will learn interrogatory words and appropriate responses to those questions.

4th Grade started new vocabulary on 11/13. We will be using the verb ir (voy, vas) to talk about going places in Spain: la plaza de toros, la tienda, el museo, la plaza, la catedral. Students will learn about bullfighting as a sport and the importance of the plaza in Spain.

3rd Grade was introduced to Celia Cruz and to some music vocabulary: conga, la guitarra, el/la cantante, cantar, bailar, escuchar, el ritmo, música de salsa, brazos, piernas, pies, me gusta/no me gusta. We listened to some salsa music and learned a couple basic steps. We’ll pick this back up in December since we won’t see each other next week due to Thankgiving and the half day. So this week we are wrapping up our animal unit with a craft – a Cuban tody bird. It’s super cute and will come home with them soon!

2nd Grade is learning about Peruvian culture, Quechua language, Machu Picchu, the Incas, Andes Mountains. We were going to draw Nazca lines outside, but the early snow is keeping us in. Maybe in the Spring…

1st Grade we’re finishing up with animals, comparing sizes (grande, mediano, pequeño) and learning about the tropical rain forest and its benefits.

Kindergarten we traced our hands and talked about how thankful we are that God gives us hands so we can play, help others, and clap. Together, our hands made our class turkey. We’re talking about Thanksgiving and reviewing colors and numbers 1-6.

Week of 10/21/19

5th Grade We’re moving really slow on this project. For now, I want students to focus on only ONE of their roles. They decided with their partner, which they will do first. Students were sent home with their scripts Friday, 10/17. I asked them to practice lines over the weekend. They should be ready to go Monday, 10/28. We don’t have class Friday the 25th, so I’m asking them to practice on their time!

4th Grade We’re still working on facts. Students played vocabulary games this week to try to memorize their vocab. Don’t tell them – they didn’t even know they were learning!

3rd Grade We also played games to learn vocabulary. This week, our focus is on comparing/contrasting Geography and animals of Cuba vs. those of Wisconsin. Our goal is to focus on writing this week.

2nd Grade we won’t have class Friday, 10/25. We will finish labeling our map of South America, and look at the map of Peru in detail.

1st Grade made little books of Costa Rica last week. We will finish those up on Monday, then dive into learning our colors.

Kindergarten learned a little about Mariachis last week. We colored our own Mariachi bodies (wait til you see them!) and read “The Best Mariachi in the World”. We will begin learning colors and look at beautiful, colorful Mexico.  Cri Cri Canciones

Week of 10/14/19

5th Grade Change of plans: We are working on a project for the next few weeks! Students are working with assigned partners on a skit. They will “call” a restaurant to make a reservation, then switch roles as the host/hostess of the restaurant. Each grade will be independent of their partner’s efforts.

4th Grade Students were introduced to Quizlet Live last week and they had SO much fun learning their vocabulary! We will interview one another this week, asking and telling classmates names, birth dates,  origins/where they live, and phones numbers.

3rd Grade is learning about animals native to Cuba, and comparing/contrasting what we have here in Wisconsin. We played Pictionary last week, and they showed off their drawing and guessing skills. This week we will continue playing games with vocabulary.

2nd Grade has been excited to use their Spanish color words to describe things we find in Peru. They also like the song we sing to start class (to the theme of Pink Panther). We are working on a few sentences, cutting and piecing together words.

1st Grade will start learning about Costa Rica this week. I hope they will identify where the country is on a map, saying “Costa Rica está aquí.” We will also talk about the capital city, comparing/contrasting with the U.S. and Wisconsin.

Kinder will explore Mariachi bands and instruments (música, trompeta, guitarra, guitarrón, violin, maracas)

Preschool will learn about la granja – the farm and all its animals. We will make books, review colors and counting, while learning about los animales.

Week of 10/7/19

5th Grade We will spend about 3 weeks on each topic this year. This week we will start learning greetings. Link to Quizlet study materials will be accessible via our Google Classroom site. Parents, let me know if you want access.

4th Grade we reviewed numbers 0-10 playing cards last week, and now we’re moving forward with interviewing: name, birth date, origin, location, address, and telephone numbers. Vocabulary for the entire month is accessible via the Quizlet link on our Google Classroom. Parents, please ask for the link if you want access. It’s important to use outside time to learn.

3rd Grade is already learning how to read in Spanish! We are working on vowel sounds, as approximately 95% of Spanish words are easy to say if you know the vowel sounds!

2nd Grade is all about Peru for the next couple weeks. We’ll be making a flag, learning about culture and geography, and learning a song to start class.

1st Grade will continue saying how we feel using “Estoy bien. Estoy mal. Estoy asi, asi.”

Week of 9/30/19

5th Grade will have a quiz on the Spanish alphabet on Friday, Oct. 4th. Homework – workbook page 5-6 Activities #1-2 will help them study. There is also a link to a computer game posted on our Google Classroom site. If you want access, please email me to request the code.

4th Grade had a quiz on the countries/waters surrounding Spain last week. Most students did really well! This week we will dig into Spanish vocabulary, learning how to ask questions and give responses about age, where someone is from, what his or her name is, and where they live.

3rd Grade – Students will be able to point to Cuba on a map and say “Cuba esta aqui.” They will also be able to tell me the capital city is La Havana. We will begin reviewing Spanish vowel pronunciation. Ask them about the song we sing to start class!

2nd Grade – We had been working on the alphabet and later this week we will start learning about the country Peru, our focus for this year. We will learn a song to start class.

1st Grade and Kindergarten – This week we begin learning about how to express our emotions using the verb estar. They should know Estoy (I am) feliz (happy), estoy triste (sad), estoy molesto (annoyed), estoy asustado (surprised), estoy emocionado (excited).

Preschool – we will continue practicing numbers 1-5 using the theme of monkeys jumping on the bed.

2nd Grade got wild about letters!

Week of 9/23/19:

Mrs. B’s 4K class has been working hard at learning their colors and numbers in Spanish.
Today, they rolled the dice and worked on a color by number pinata.

First Graders and Kindergartners have been learning how to greet and say goodbye in Spanish.
Today they played a board game to practice. Great teamwork and following rules!