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  • 4th Grade
This is my 37th year at HFS, either teaching 3rd or 4th grade. I enjoy seeing the reactions and excitement from the students when they "get it.' The families at HFS make it special. I get to know not only the students who are in my 4th grade class, but also their siblings. The families are always so supportive and willing to help whenever they can. I live in Ashwaubenon with my husband Don. I have 3 children.
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*Study your addition, subtraction, multiplication, & division facts. When your child knows these, it makes math so much easier for them.





Social Studies



D.O.L.  (Daily Oral Language

  • Tests on most Fridays
  • Study nightly.

Each day your child will be given sentences that have punctuation, capitalization, and grammar errors.  They will be given time in class to try to correct the mistakes.  Then, as a class, we will talk about the sentences, how they should be fixed, and why.  Usually on Fridays there will be a D.O.L. test with sentences that have the same type of mistakes from that week.  Check your child’s assignment pad as to the date of each test.

You can help your child prepare for the tests by reviewing nightly the sentences that have been done during the week.  Ask your child to read the sentences to you and to tell you the language rules that apply to them.  Please do not work ahead on the sentences that we have not talked about yet in class.  Our goal is that your child will be able to use these language rules in their own writing.


W.O.D.  (Word of the Day)

  • Study the words nightly.

Tests after every 12 new words.  Study the words nightly.  Your child needs to know the definition of each word and the part of speech that it is.  They should be able to put that word in a sentence so that you can easily tell that they know what it means.


S.S.R.  (Sustained Silent Reading)




Classroom News



Learning Links

  • Religion Review–

Our book is called Christ Our Life, new Evangelization Edition by Loyola Press.  Just highlight the link above and put it in the address area.  Once the site comes up go to Family Resources.  Then click on grade 4 and whatever chapter we are in.  A quiz is given for the chapter.  There is also a study guide that can be used.

  • Spelling City  Spelling & Social Studies Vocab- Your child has their password in the back of their assignment pad. When they use their password to sign in they have access to various games to use with the spelling words we are working on.  They also have access to the Wisconsin vocabulary words.  For the vocab words they should click on vocabulary games, instead of spelling games. This site goes with our English book.  The two areas to work on are “Power Proofreading” and “Grammar Blast.”

  • – This site has lots of different ways to work on multiplication


  • Kahn     The students have their password info in the back of their assignment pad. This site has a lot of Math and English activities.  When this first comes up it has activities for 1st grade.  You can change it to 4th grade by clicking on an arrow. This site has a variety of activities dealing with Science, Math, English, and more. and Both of these have math activities on them
This site is helpful when we are studying the electricity unit in science class.

Wish List

  • Sugar free gum that is individually wrapped for when we take tests.