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Welcome to fifth grade where we will work hard, do our best work and have fun at school.  It is hard to believe that it is November.    In 5th grade Religion the focus is on the sacraments and Mass parts. Right now we are working on the sacrament of Confirmation with Eucharist being our next chapter.  Use study guides and voc defintiions in their notebooks to help study for chapter tests.  Please join us for Mass on Thursdays.   Our homeroom will be the readers for Thursday November 14th.  This year we will read the weekly Venture magazine which helps prepare us for the weekly Sunday gospels.  Normally we will read the Venture magazine on Fridays.

Please save the date – Tuesday December 3rd – The 5th graders will have their Advent retreat day at SEAS starting at 10:00.  They will need to bring a cold lunch that day.  We will need many parents to assist with activities that day.  More information to follow on a permission field trip form.

In Math class Mrs. Kiefert has been working on fractions and currently focusing on decimals.  Each day in homeroom we will use a daily math practice as a review of previous skills. This will have 5 problems to complete at school.

In English class we review our grammar skills with Daily Oral Language.   Each week we have new Spelling words, a packet to complete and a test usually on Fridays.  We have worked on a creative writing piece about survival on a deserted island.  For Veteran’s Day we created thank you essays.  We wrote a fun pumpkin story and now we are composing a compare-contrast essay.  We are starting  a chapter on sentences, subjects and verbs in our grammar book.  Please note that if students do not do well on an assignment I suggest they do corrections for a better grade.   They should turn in their corrections to me. This will also help them prepare for chapter tests.

In Science we are finishing with our first  Einstein Kit – Ecosystems  We have built an aquarium and a terrarium with our soda bottles.  We have been busy observing crickets, isopods, snails and mosquito fish.  Our rye grass, alfalfa and mustard seeds continue to grow in our terrarium.  Some students may be asking to bring home their aquarium as we finish the unit.  Next we will be working in our Science textbook until the next kit arrives in Dec. which is Microworlds.  They may now empty their binders with the work from the Ecosystems unit.

In reading class we have been utilizing two different reading textbooks and tradebooks.   Our first read aloud  tradebook was Frindle.   This was a story about a young boy who coined the word frindle to mean pen.  We enjoyed racing our boats after we read the story the Wreck of the Zephyr.  Next we read  A Package for Mrs. Jewls which is from the Wayside School series.  We focused on predictions, plots, setting, conflict, characters and cause & effect.  Now we are reading the Voyage of the Dawn Treaders by C. S. Lewis who wrote the Chronicles of Narnia series.


In Social Studies we will began with an introduction to map usage.  We are learning many new vocab words and we are entering these into to help us study our definitions.  We  also discuss current events and read from a mini magazine called Scholastic News.  This activity is usually on Fridays.  We are finishing up chapter 1 which is about our country’s geography.  They may now  remove chapter 1 work from their binders.  Next we will explore early Native American groups.

We have had about 5 lessons with our DARE program with Deputy Christine Bilgo.  This class is also lots of fun and we are learning tons of information about keeping ourselves safe and healthy.  Junior Achievement will also begin soon with Jared Tetzner as our instructor.  This is a “STEM” related social studies class about our nation.

As you can see, we have busy but fun days.  I am looking forward to enjoy working with the 5th graders this year.     Thanks also for sharing these special blessings with me for the year.

Mrs. Peterson




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