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MS, Language Acquisition (Spanish)

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Julianne Wagner


6th Grade is finishing up Chapter 3 – the verb tener, with family vocabulary and possessive adjectives (mi, tu, su, nuestro) We will quiz later this week and move on to our final unit.

7th Grade is also finishing up Chapter 3 – household chores, and verb conjugations. We’ll move on next week!

8th Grade began our final Unit on Peru. We’re learning food vocabulary, and will start learning Direct Object Pronouns (Give the potato to me. –> Give IT to me.)

Week of 12/9/19

6th Grade has been working with adjectives and building on ser and person vocabulary. We played Guess Who, describing characters with our new skills. This week we will fine-tune our adjective use and work more with writing. Our quiz on this will be Wednesday, 12/18.

7th Grade said our goodbyes to Santiago. It was fun to have a guest student and learn about another culture. We are starting presentations on our dream homes this week.  (Wednesday 12/11:  Sam, Delaney, Ethan, Allison, JeanMarco, Dezi) Thursday 12/12:  Kasia, Gavin, Delaney Mc, Cayden, Macy Beth, Nick Monday 12/16: Kelan, Brynn, Tessa, Yaneliz, Marangellisse)

8th Grade learned gustar last week. This week we will work with demonstrative adjectives (this, that, those) and open-notes quiz on those 2 topics next Monday, 12/16.

Week of 11/25/19

6th Grade wrapped up Unit 1, Chapter 1. We went slow so they have a solid foundation of pronouns going forward. When we start learning verbs, it all depends on the pronoun. We’ll be doing fantastic with this!!  Chapter 2 is all about family relationships, the verb ser, and using adjectives to describe people. It will be fun for us to make connections and be able to expand what we’re talking about!

7th Grade finished up chapter 2 last week with a quiz. We are now starting a project  – La Casa de mis sueños – My Dream Home. Students get to design their ideal home. It will be worth 2 test grades – one for design (follow the checklist) and one for presentation. They will put their projects on a poster board and present their perfect home to the class using home vocabulary (in Spanish!) We will spend at least 2 weeks working on it in class.

8th Grade is beginning to learn the verb gustar and quedar to talk about likes/dislikes and fit. We will continue with clothing vocabulary, materials and add in demonstrative adjectives (this, that, those) and comparisons (more, less, as).

Week of 10/21/19

6th Grade took their quiz Thursday, and most did a fantastic job showing what they’ve learned! We will move forward with SER this week. Please have your students using quizlet links from Google Classroom to practice.

7th Grade we welcomed our new friend, Santiago this week. Students got to play a fun game to practice vocabulary, and they heard me tell them (in Spanish) about a couple of the different homes I’ve lived in. They are a smart bunch of kids!! Quiz is on the calendar for Weds. 10/23.

8th Grade quiz is Monday. They went home with a study guide on Friday. If you have any questions, please email me! They are also a really smart group – no doubt they will do amazing on this! After this quiz, we will move on with our shopping theme, learning clothing items and fit.

Updated quiz dates:

8th grade – Monday, 10/21

7th grade – Wednesday, 10/23

6th grade –  Thursday, 10/17 (only pronouns, not ser!)

Week of 10/7/19

6th Grade – We are continuing with pronouns. It has been a difficult concept, but it is SO important we have these nailed down so we can move forward with learning verbs (they change based on the subject.) Study with quizlet or the flashcards we made in class! Upcoming quiz date: Weds. 10/16 – subject pronouns and ser

7th Grade – Awesome job with vocabulary last week! This week we will work with some grammar – gender of nouns and articles (a, an, the) to match the gender of the nouns. Again, it’s a tough topic at first, but as the students nail this down, it will start to feel natural. Upcoming quiz date: Thurs. 10/17 – house vocabulary, articles and noun agreement

8th Grade – We will continue working with stem changing verbs, and include our shopping vocab using reading prompts, listening, and a bit of writing. Don’t worry! It will be fun! Chucken may meet a friend this week! Upcoming quiz date: Fri. 10/18 – stores, the verb ir, and stem changing verbs

Week of 9/30/19

Middle school has done a lot of reviewing and getting to know one another! We’re just starting to dig in to the book content for the year.

6th grade will focus on Unit 1 in our text. Our country focus is on Mexico. Students are currently learning the Spanish subject pronouns (I, you, he, she, we, etc.) Please have students use Google classroom to access vocabulary practice using Quizlet. I have also posted a copy of my notes for help outside of school hours. You can always call or e-mail me with any questions.

7th grade will focus on Unit 2 in our text. Our country focus is on Puerto Rico. We have learned some Puerto Rican culture, and we had some fun with Sr. Wooly’s character, Victor. We are starting to learn vocabulary on the home, rooms, and structures.

8th grade has been a wide variety of reviewing up until this point. I want to be sure we’re all on the same page before we charge ahead this year. We will focus on Units 2 and 3 in our text. Guatemala and Peru will be our countries for the year. They have had some fun mixed in with notes, and they have learned a little about Guatemalan culture. Later this week, I am introducing stem changing verbs. Our vocabulary for the current unit is about shopping.

Upcoming assessment dates:

6th – Weds. 10/16 – subject pronouns and ser
7th – Thurs. 10/17 – house vocabulary
8th – Fri. 10/18 – stores, the verb ir, and stem changing verbs