Literary Society

Literary Society is now reading Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.  We are also watching the A&E Video presentation starring Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle.  

pride and prejudicePride & Prejudice book


The first book the group read was Shades of Simon Gray, the story of a boy trapped between two centuries and the plagues that haunt the town for past misdeeds. When we finished the book, we had a special lunch from Subway. Inline image 1

The second book was Black Duck, the story of some kids who get involved with some shady characters during the 1920’s.

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What is Literary Society?

The literary society is a book club that meets at lunch.  The group eats lunch together and discusses the book. The group decides which book will be read next.

The Holy Family Literary Society began October 12 with the book Shades of Simon Gray, a book about secrecy and guilt.  Why is Simon so upset? Did he crash his Honda into the tree on purpose or was it an accident?


Mrs. Smet

Who’s eligible to join?

8th Graders

How do I join? 

If you are interested, contact Mrs. Smet ( for more information.