Parents of Prayer


Parents of Prayer gather together the 1st Thursday of each month after mass, in St. Agnes Parish to lift up any family prayer intentions and cover the school under the mantle of Our Blessed Mother’s protection.

Parents, non-school age children, grandparents, and parishioners are invited to join the group for a beautiful reprieve from the hectic pace of life to join hearts in prayer. One does not need to lead the Rosary to participate. If you haven’t said the rosary in a long time, we have pamphlets to follow along as it is recited and extra rosaries will be available for you to use. Children’s Rosary activities will also be provided for God’s little ones. Please see the 2015-2016 Parents of Prayer Rosary Schedule list below.

If there are prayers intentions one would like offered, confidentially email Kimberley Biese at or call (715) 853-4890.


Schedule – 1st Thursday of each month at St. Agnes Parish

October 1

November 5

December 3

January 7

February 4

March 3

April 7

May 5

June 2

parents of prayer