In Touch with the Arts


Our Program

The In Touch with the Arts program at Holy Family School strives to enrich our children through the appreciation of fine arts.   Parent volunteers share information about art, music and culture during visits to the classroom.   Each classroom session usually consists of a presentation of that months subject along with a project to help the students better understand and enjoy the topic of the month.

In Touch with the Arts strives to expose our children to a broad range of artists, styles, periods, and media from the art world.

 ITWA_KitesArtists previously presented

Vincent Van Gogh

Frank Lloyd Wright

ŸWinslow Homer


Previous performances

Ÿ  Bluegrass music by “Bentgrass”   ITWA_sax

Ÿ  Irish Dance by HFS students

Ÿ  Barbershop Quartet

Field trips and bringing in an “artist in residence” is also part of our program, that have helped to beautify our school with the mosaics over the classroom doors, framed artwork by the students in the hallways and the student made tiles in the cafeteria.


Our History

In Touch with the Arts has been a part of  Holy family School for about 25 years.  It started out simply with once a month the “picture lady” would come to a classroom to show a fine art print of her choice and talk about it’s creator.  Over the years, the In Touch with the Arts program evolved into a broader art appreciation program.  In 1997 the name was changed to In Touch with the Arts to reflect the inclusion of all the arts.  The program now provides a vehicle to “pull it all together” for the children, to show how the arts are interrelated with culture and history.

The In Touch with the Arts program and Holy Family School have also collaborated in providing a showcase of the students’ talents via the Spring Art Show and Band Concert.  This Art Show has on display artwork from all the students from HFS.


Our Volunteers

Ÿ•  Volunteers meet about 5 times over the course of the school year.
•  Volunteers go into their child’s classroom with another parent volunteer.
•   The subject matter (artist, music or other theme) is chosen and researched by our committee ahead of time.
•  ITWA meetings give volunteers the opportunity to brainstorm and come up with a project.