Staff Directory

Mrs. Allison Moseng
Phone: (920) 494-1931



Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Karen Anders
Phone: (920) 494-1931



Supportive Consultant
Mrs. Kristi Kerscher
Phone: (920) 494-1931



Athletic Director
Ms. Ashley Holtz
Phone: (920) 494-1931



International Baccalaureate
Mrs. Tiffany Green
Phone: (920) 494-1931




Father Patrick Beno
Pastor –  St. Agnes
Phone: (920) 494-2534




Faith Integration Leader
Mrs. Carol Kekula
Phone: (920) 494-1931



Cafeteria Manager
Mrs. Sally Karls
Phone: (920) 490-1764



Technology Coordinator
Mrs. Theresa Neuser
Phone: (920) 494-1931



Site Advisory Council President
Mr. Jim Beining
Phone: (920) 498-0987

Third Source Funding/Development
Mrs. Moseng and Site Advisory member
Phone: (920) 494-1931

Mr. Mike Schlumpf
Phone: (920) 494-1931

Teachers’ Aide
Sister Ann Carla Baumann

Library Media Specialist
Mrs. Anne Strauss

Homeroom Teachers and Special Teachers:

Contact via email below or call 494-1931 and you will be connected to the staff member’s voice mail.

For before & after school care ask for room 1.