Third Source Funding

What is Third Source Funding?

It takes money to keep our school viable.  The costs of operation (staff, building operation, textbooks, etc.) are covered from 3 sources – tuition, parish subsidies and fundraising.  Fundraising is another opportunity that we have to get involved.  These activities are often referred to as Third Source Funding (TSF).  As the budget is created each year, we set targets for tuition rates, subsidies and TSF funds.  We have an amazing history of maintaining fair tuition rates and have not missed TSF goals.  This speaks very highly to the generosity of our families and our commitment to our children’s education.

Third Source Funding Requirements

Each HFS family is required to give 15 hours of service per year to one or more of the school’s Third Source Fundraising projects.

Hours not accumulated will be billed at $30 per hour not worked.

At the beginning of each year you are asked to commit to one of the TSF funding options.

Family Fundraising Handbook

The NEW Family Fundraising Handbook has been developed to assist parents with understanding our Third Source Fundraising (TSF) requirements as well as outlining what qualifies as volunteer hours for TSF events and regular service hours.  We hope you find this document helpful.


Third Source Funding Events/Activities:

See Family Fundraising Handbook

For Third Source Funding, contact: Jere Kubuske, Principal or HFS Site Advisory Council Members