Volunteer Opportunities

There is almost an endless variety of activities that one can do to shape the lives of our students.  Traditionally, parents, grandparents and parish members have served as classroom assistants, coaches, Home and School Association members, Site Advisory Committee/school board members, reading helpers, lunch servers, dance coordinators and so many more.  Without the selfless giving of so many, we would not be the community that we are today.

How many hours do I need to volunteer?

The Third Source Funding (TSF) requirement for all families is 15 hours.

The family/school volunteer hours are 5 hours for one child and 10 hours for 2+children.

How do I become a volunteer?

All HFS volunteers must be Virtus trained.  For more information on Virtus training click here.

What can I volunteer for?

A sample list of volunteer opportunities can be found here!

Current Volunteer Sign-ups/Schedule

Scrip Sign-Up


Lunch Volunteers

If you are interested in serving lunch and are Virtus trained, please contact Sally Karls at hfslunch@yahoo.com .

November 2018

December 2018

Where do I submit my TSF or Volunteer Hours?

TSF and Service Hours Submission Form