Future Family Information


Welcome to Holy Family Catholic School!  We are extremely excited that you are interested in exploring our school for your child(ren).  Our goal is to answer your questions and make the transition go very smoothly.  At HFCS, we are family.  We work hard to ensure that every child learns at the highest level in a exceptional faith-based environment.  Click below to view our school brochure.

HFCS General Brochure – Update January 2020

Looking to Visit Us?

We love to show off our campus and meet with prospective families.  Please call our school office at (920) 494-1931 to schedule a visit.  You are also most welcome to reach out to our Principal, Jere Kubuske, at jkubuske@gracesystem.org to arrange a visit.  In fact, we strongly encourage a visit to ensure that Holy Family is going to be a great fit for your child(ren).

Preschool Offerings (3 and 4 Year Olds)

Preschool Brochure – Updated 2020

Preschool Offerings-2020-21

Preschool Offerings-2020-21 – SPANISH VERSION

Want to Shadow our School?  We are happy to arrange a short shadow day experience for you and your child.  Please call us to make arrangements.

Is Holy Family a Wisconsin Parental Choice Program school?

Yes, Holy Family Catholic School, in conjunction with the GRACE system, is a ‘Choice’ school.  For more information, contact GRACE Outreach Coordinator, Edgar Zaragoza, at (920) 499-7330 or ezaragoza@gracesystem.org.

Wisconsin Parental Choice Program Infocard

Wisconsin Parental Choice Program Infocard – Spanish

Important Flyers

Our Catholic Faith Flyer

IB Programme

Academic and Career Planning-2019


Behavior Expectations-2019

Bully Prevention-2019

Dress Code 2020-21

Mentor Family

Being new to a school can be scary for both children and parents alike.  After you enroll, our Principal will work to assign another student to mentor your child and another family to be your mentor family.  This family will be available to you throughout the school year to answer any burning questions you have.

Hispanic Home-School Liaison

Holy Family is blessed to have Astolfo Inciarte as our 1/2 time Hispanic Home-School Liaison.  He works mornings at St. Thomas More School and afternoons at our building.  To learn more about some of the services he provides, please view the brochure below.

Home-School Liaison Brochure

Home-School Liaison Brochure – Spanish

Does Holy Family offer a bilingual program?

No!  Unfortunately HFCS is not a bilingual school.  While we strongly believe in equality of every child before God, we do not have the programming or staffing to serve students who do not speak the English language.  Those with limited English speaking skills are welcome to enroll.

How do I enroll?

Before enrolling, we ask that you schedule a school visit with our school principal, Jere Kubuske by calling (920) 494-1931.  After doing so, you may enroll for the 2020-21 school year by CLICKING HERE.

How do I get involved?

A great way to meet people is by getting involved.  At Holy Family, we do require that all families spend some time volunteering over the course of the school year.  A total of 20 hours is required, with 10 devoted to general volunteering and 10 devoted to Third Source Fundraising (TSF) events.  Check our our ‘Fundraising’ site for more details.

A few of the HFCS common acronyms…

NUT Pass

A NUT Pass is one of the kids favorite words!!  It stands for ‘No Uniform Today’.  There will be opportunities throughout the year where kids can earn or you can purchase as a fundraiser a NUT pass for your child to utilize.  NUT passes cannot be used on Mass days.  The kids also get a NUT pass on their birthday from Mrs. Karls in the cafeteria!


The Home and School Association (HASA) is a parent organization supporting the school and organizing fun activities for the familiies of HFS.  More info about HASA is available here.


In Touch with the Arts (ITWA) is  parent organization supporting Art throughout the HFS community in addition to the regular art classes.  Click here for more info regarding ITWA.


The Site Advisory Council (S.A.C.) is a committee at each GRACE school providing support to the school and a liaison with GRACE.  More info about SAC can be found here.


SCRIP is a fundraising program used by HFS families.  The basic philosophy is a family can purchase a gift card and a percentage of the gift card is donated back to HFS.  Click here for more info on SCRIP.


Third Source Funding (TSF) is the fundraising term used by all GRACE schools to raise funds for GRACE as well as operating expenses of the schools.  For more information on TSF, click here.