Bus/Transportation Information

Bus Transportation Information for 2021-22

New and Current School Families – If your child requires transportation to and/or from school, you must reside in our busing zone. Please review the busing map linked here for your convenience.

Busing services are managed by the Green Bay Area Public School System and contracted to Lamers. Families must enroll each student for busing on this website.  Please also contact Green Bay Public School Transportation Department if your student is not planning to take the bus.  By declining busing, you are not waiving your child’s right to ride, but a stop for your child will not be routed. You can change your mind at any time and reinstate bus service.  Families need to decline busing every year.  Click here to decline busing for the 2021-22 school year.

Families requiring transportation to/from the Howard Suamico area should contact Lamers Assistant Manager John Wierer at johnwierer@GoLamers.com or (920)434-5100 Ext. 11014 .

Transportation arrangements must be handled by the child’s parent/legal guardian, so our office at HFCS cannot facilitate transportation arrangements for you. We encourage you to contact Green Bay Public School Transportation Department at (920) 448-2130 with questions.  If there is anything we at HFCS can do to assist you with the registration process, give us a call at (920) 494-1931 or send an email to hfsoffice@gracesystem.org.