What is Power School?

The faculty and staff at Holy Family School, Green Bay are enjoying the benefits of the Student Information system’s software, PowerSchool. PowerSchool is web-based student information system (SIS) that gives parents immediate access to student’s grades, assignments and attendance information over the internet.  You may also want to check out the email functions which are marked with a little envelope icon. By checking a few boxes and typing in your email address, PowerSchool will send emails to you with everything from your child’s progress reports to a reminder when your child’s lunch balance gets low. It should be noted however that these emails do not contain any information that cannot be accessed simply by logging into PowerSchool. If you choose to utilize this feature, it would be a good idea to add PowerSchool’s address – https://gbdioc.powerschool.com/– to your address book. Because these emails are auto-generated, some spam filters will assume they are “junk mail” and not allow them to reach your inbox.

How do I get a login for Power School?

You will need a login to access PowerSchool.  Each HFS family will receive login information at the beginning of each school year.  If you have login issues or need login info, please contact  tneuser@gracesystem.org with any questions or comments regarding PowerSchool.

Power School Site

To sign into PowerSchool, please click here.