Note – The dress code is currently under revision for 2019-20.  Parents will be notified of changes.  Specifically, we are looking for ways to make the dress code simpler for parents.  There will not be a dress code for students entering 3EC or 4-K moving forward.

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The purpose of the Holy Family Uniform guidelines is to establish a respectful, spiritual and quality environment that focuses on learning. Consistent apparel minimizes competition and comparison while holding down the cost of clothing children for school.

The parents are asked to support the school’s environment of learning by helping to enforce the uniform guidelines beginning at home. The uniform guidelines will be enforced at school. Teachers are expected to enforce all uniform guidelines.

A note will be sent home to the parent indicating what is not appropriate about the item(s) worn. This will give the family time to correct the uniform infraction. The detention system for the 6th – 8th grades will be used if the violation would occur again.

*** The uniform items (pants, shorts, skirts, shirts) can be purchased at the Uniform Place, Kiefer Uniform, and any department store that carries a uniform section of clothing such as Kohl’s, Sears, Walmart, Kid’s R Us, J.C.Penny, Land’s End. If clothing is not purchased in the uniform section of the department store, it must match the style and color found in the uniform section of the store.

Clothes are to be neat, clean and proper fitting and appropriate for school and Mass day.

NUT (No Uniform Today) Passes may not be used on Mass days.

Dress pants-Navy blue, 3EC/4K-8th grade. Khaki, 6th-8th grade. The material should be of cotton, knit or corduroy. No jeans or denim material, stirrup, bell bottoms, wide leg, cargo or any pants with loops or pockets on the leg. The pants should be neither too tight nor oversized. Pants are to be worn at the waist not the hips. Capris are not uniform pants. Belts are encouraged if there are loops. Belts are required in grades 5-8. (Note: Dress style pants have pockets that are inside without stitching around the outside of the pocket.)

Uniforms- Lloyd plaid jumper 3EC/4K-5th/ navy blue jumper 4K-8th . Landsend plaid jumper (white plaid) acceptable for 4K-5th grade girls. Lloyd plaid or navy blue skirts 4K–8th / Khaki skirts 6-8. Lloyd or navy blue split skirt K-8th. The length may not be shorter than three inches from the top of the knee. Girls may not roll skirts.

Blouses- Solid white. Long or short sleeve. No visible logo except HFS insignias. It must be tucked in at all times. No denim or chambray material. Collar and tabs are required. If a tee-shirt is worn under the blouse it must be plain without writing.

Shirts- Solid white, red, light blue, navy blue 3EC/4K-8th. Hunter or forest green 6th-8th. Long or short sleeve. Oxford shirts in solid white or solid blue are also acceptable. No visible logo except HFS insignias. It must be tucked in at all times. No denim or chambray material. Collars are required. If a tee-shirt is worn underneath the shirt it must be a uniform color, plain and without writing. Only the top two buttons may be unbuttoned.

Turtlenecks- Solid white, red, light blue, navy blue 3EC/4K-8th. Hunter or forest green 6th–8th. No visible logo, except HFS insignias. It must be tucked in at all times. Mock turtleneck is acceptable.

Sweaters- Cardigan, V-neck, crewneck, vest in solid white, red, light blue and navy blue 3EC/4K-8. Hunter or forest green 6th-8th. No lace, crocheted, or hooded sweaters. No visible logo except for HFS insignias. Sweaters must be worn with a shirt with a collar or turtleneck underneath.

Sweatshirts- Red and navy 4K-8th. Hunter or forest green 6th-8th. Sweatshirts must have HFS insignia and be purchased from Always in Stitches. Sweatshirts must be worn with a uniform shirt with a collar or turtleneck underneath. All other sweatshirts or jackets are only permitted at recess time.

Fleece Jacket – Navy blue or purple embroidered with HFS insignia purchased from
Always in Stitches. No hoods allowed. Must be worn with uniform shirt underneath.

Dress Shorts- Navy blue shorts 4K-8th. Khaki 6th-8th. The shorts should be neither too tight nor oversized and the length may not be shorter than four inches from the top of the knee and may not be worn way below the knee. Shorts are not to be rolled. A manufactured sewn cuff is acceptable. Shorts can only be worn from August through October 15 and April 15 through June. (See dress pants description above)

Socks- White, red, navy blue 4K-8th. Hunter and forest green 6th-8th. Socks, tights and/or leggings must be worn at all times. The leggings can only be worn under the jumper or skirts. Sweatpants under a skirt are acceptable for recess only and are not allowed in church or class.

Shoes- Casual or athletic shoes. The shoes must have heel strap for safety or other means to secure the shoe to the foot. No boots. Socks or nylons need to be worn with shoes at all times. Shoes with laces must be tied. Gym shoes must be tennis shoes (no black soles).

Logos- No visible logos on clothing larger than a quarter unless it is the HFS insignias.

Earrings are to be worn by girls only. Studs and small hoops are recommended. Make-up is discouraged and heavy make-up is not permitted. Disruptive and provocative attire is not permitted even on non-uniform days and especially mass days. The principal approves special non-uniform days. On non-uniform days students may choose any clothing that is neither disruptive nor provocative. Provocative includes tank tops, tight or low-cut tops. Jeans may be worn on these days that are not dress up days. On special or theme days, certain dress is encouraged but not mandatory. Boys’ and girls’ hair should always be clean, neatly groomed, out of the eyes, and boys’ hair no longer than the collar. Hats and scarves are not to be worn in school or church. Color clarification: Burgundy is not red, royal blue is not navy or light blue, and olive is not forest or hunter green.