Dress Code 2020-21


Holy Family Catholic School’s mission centers around fostering an environment best suited to learning and faith development.  The purpose of having a dress code is to create a respectful, professional learning environment with particular emphasis on neatness, modesty, and cost effectiveness.  Parents and guardians are expected to support the school’s enforcement of the dress code, which helps reinforce our Catholic values and morals.

Preschool Program

Students in our PK3 and PK4 programs are not required to follow the same dress code as outlined below for students in grades K-8.  Please consult your child’s teacher for acceptable dress items for our early childhood students.  Please note that wearing the uniform is optional if parents wish.

General Expectations for Grades K-8

  • Clothing must fit properly. Clothing may not be form-fitting, see-through, too tight or oversized. Undergarments may not be visible.
  • Clothing must be neat and clean without rips or tears.
  • Clothing may not contain pictures or writing of any kind.
  • Earrings may be worn by girls in the ears only. Studs and small hoops are recommended.
  • Make-up is discouraged and heavy make-up is not permitted.
  • Hairstyles must be kept clean, neat, well-groomed and a natural hair color. No dying or spray-in color. Boys must be clean shaven.  Boys’ hair must also be no longer than collar-length.
  • Drawing or writing on the skin, as well as tattoos are not permitted.
  • Leggings may not be worn as pants, but may accompany skirts or jumpers.
  • No visible logos, tags or emblems are allowed unless it is the Holy Family logo.
  • Belts should be worn with pants.

Uniform Colors

Shirts:  Navy Blue, Light Blue, True White, Purple, Hunter Green or Red

Bottoms:  Navy Blue or Khaki

Socks / Leggings / Tights:  Navy Blue, Light Blue, True White, Purple, Hunter Green, Red or Black (No patterns)


  • Solid navy blue or solid khaki (cotton twill, polyester or corduroy) uniform style pants.
  • Solid navy blue or solid khaki shorts or Capri pants may be worn all school year, but it is recommended that students do so during the warmer weather months of August-October and April-June.
  • Cargo pants/extra pockets/extra zippers, yoga/jogging pants, denim pants or tight pants such as leggings/jeggings/spandex are not allowed at Holy Family.


  • Solid navy blue, khaki or plaid uniform-style skirts, skorts or jumpers are allowed to be worn by girls only.
  • The length of skirts, skorts or jumpers must be no shorter 3 inches above the knee.
  • As noted above, leggings may accompany skirts or jumpers. Tights of the appropriate uniform colors may also be worn under skirts or jumpers.


  • Blouses, polo shirts and turtlenecks of the appropriate school colors may be worn.
  • No visible logos, tags or emblems are allowed unless it is the Holy Family logo.
  • Long-sleeved shirts may be worn under short-sleeved shirts of the appropriate school uniform colors only.
  • Holy Family School, NDA or SNC t-shirts may be worn on Friday Spirit Days or other days designated by the school principal.
  • Scout uniform tops may be worn on meeting days.
  • All shirts must be tucked in during the school day.


  • Students may wear solid-colored sweaters or fleece of appropriate school colors.
  • New for 2020-21: Uniform Sweatshirts are now permitted. The Uniform Sweatshirt is the only sweatshirt allowed.
  • Holy Family fleece or polyester spirit attire is acceptable.
  • Sweaters may not have hoods.
  • Uniforms must be worn under fleece or sweaters.
  • No visible logos, tags or emblems are allowed unless it is the Holy Family logo.
  • Holy Family hooded sweatshirts may be worn on Friday Spirit Days with school appropriate bottoms.
  • Holy Family attire will be made available for sale by the school and Athletic Booster Club periodically.


  • Socks must be worn at all times and should be visible above the shoes.
  • Socks must be of the appropriate school colors as noted above.


  • Athletic or any type may be worn. For safety reasons, flip flops and open toed shoes are not allowed and socks must be worn with any style of shoe.
  • Students should have a pair of non-marking sole tennis shoes to be used during physical education classes.

Outdoor Attire

  • Students are expected to dress weather-appropriately, as all students will go outdoors for recess.
  • Snow pants and boots, hats, mittens (gloves) are required for K-5 students for all winter months.

Special Dress-Up Days and Nut Passes

  • Periodically we will have special dress-up days. Parents will always be notified in advance.
  • Jeans are permitted.
  • Holy Family School, NDA or SNC t-shirts may be worn on Friday Spirit Days or other days designated by the school principal.
  • Holy Family will have Packer Days that coincides with all home games. Students may dress down on these days as long as they are wearing attire that supports their favorite sports team (i.e. professional or college).
  • U.T. (No Uniform Today) passes are periodically given to students and often sold as a school fundraiser. N.U.T. passes may be redeemed in the office, but cannot be used on Mass days.

Where can I purchase the uniform?

Parents may purchase clothing from any local vendor or online.  We are also proud to announce a renewed partnership with Lands’ End to provide school uniforms for our students.  Note that you are NOT required to purchase from Lands’ End, but it is an option for you to consider. One advantage of Lands’ End is that parents can opt to have the new school logo embroidered directly onto any of the shirts offered.  If you order now, you can receive 40% any full-price item by entering the code CLOUDS and the pin 3624.  To access the Lands’ End website, please CLICK HERE and look for Holy Family Catholic School in Green Bay.