Safe Environment

The safety of our children is the top priority at Holy Family Catholic School. Creating a safe environment and ensuring our school is secure is an ongoing process which we are dedicated to constant monitoring. We ensure that all children will be protected as far as possible from all harm.

Safe Environment

Holy Family Catholic School follows all safe environment guidelines administered by the Diocese of Green Bay. Any adult who volunteers or is employed is required to have a current background check on file and complete a VIRTUS training course.

Background Check

The background check requires the individual to provide personal references, sign a declaration form, authorize a criminal background check, and receive a satisfactory report.

Complete the background check here: eAppsDB


VIRTUS® is the brand name that identifies best practices’ programs designed to help prevent wrongdoing and promote “rightdoing” within religious organizations and to raise awareness regarding sexual abuse in our Church and society. The National Catholic Risk Retention Group Inc. created VIRTUS to empower organizations and people to better control risk and improve the lives of all those who interact with the Church through a continuous process of training and information. The VIRTUS class is a one-time 3-hour course that all volunteers and employees must complete prior to working with children.

Register for a VIRTUS Session.

To read more about the Safe Environment Guidelines from the Diocese of Green Bay, visit their website.


Awareity is a comprehensive platform for reporting, tracking, and documenting incidents and concerns, making it simple and confidential to share red flag behaviors such as:

Boundary issues
Threats of violence
Concerning behavior by clergy, staff, or volunteers

Anything that you may find stressful or out of the ordinary and feel compelled to bring forward regarding clergy, staff, or volunteers
The goal of Awareity is prevention and to help identify red flags and warning signs before an incident occurs or escalates.

For more information on Awareity check here: Awareity


Holy Family Catholic School follows all federal, state, and local school safety guidelines. Staff and students engage in regular drills and safety training. Clear security guidelines are shared with and upheld by all members of the school community.

Security Infrastructure

  • Recording IP Camera System monitored by office staff
  • The camera system includes a secure VPN tunnel with remote access available to the Brown County Sheriff’s Department
  • Electronic locks with remote camera unlocking capabilities
  • Exterior locks updated in 2017
  • Alarm and communication system

Safety Practices

  • A strong emergency procedure plan is in place and is annually reviewed by the Brown County Sheriff’s Department as well as with local authorities including the City of Green Bay Police Department.
  • Staff and students are trained with the ALiCE active shooter response
  • Monthly if-then safety drills using the ALiCE framework
  • Staff and visitor protocols
  • Monthly fire drills
  • Annual relocation drill
  • Annual tornado drill
  • All students receive 3 Safe Environment lessons annually
  • GRACE System Safety Team in place to review practices system-wide
  • Annual review of Safety Plans by the GRACE Board of Trustees in December
  • Wisconsin law requires teachers to report suspected child abuse and neglect (Wis. Stat. Sec 48.981).  Teachers participate in Mandatory Reporting training regularly.